Mon-$2.00 Rail Mixers   Tue-$2.00 Old Fashioned   Wed-$2.50 Coors Light Bottles     Thurs-$2.50 Coors Light Tap

The Skinny

Absolut or Absolut Raspberry Vodka, with diet minute maid lemonade.

Numbskul Punch

Numbskul, cranberry and orange juices.


with mint, sugar, and Bacardi limn rum.

Hard Raspberry Iced Tea

with Bacardi Raspberry Rum.

Cabana Boy

Captain Pineapple and Captain coconut Rum with orange, pineapple, and cranberry Juices.

Summer Hummer

Arrow lime and Lemonade.

Tippy Cow Dreamsicle

Dr. McGuillicuddy’s raw vanilla schnapps and tippy cow orange topped with whipped cream.

Chocolate Mint

Tippy cow chocolate and Tippy cow shamrock mint topped with whipped cream.

Creamy Turtle

Buttershots and Tippy cow chocolate topped with whipped cream.

Twisted Cow

Dr. McGuillicuddy’s cherry schnapps, Tippy cow vanilla cream and chocolate syrup topped with whipped cream.

Absolute Bloody Mary Shooters

With Pam’s Famous Bloody Mary mix.